What is the highest salary for bsc food technology?

Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a B, Sc Food Technology in India is 3.8 INR LPA. With the rapid shift to a healthy lifestyle in all metropolitan cities, food technologists are in high demand in private commercial companies. A food technologist can be hired for a variety of areas, such as the food and beverage department, food marketing, food business management, etc.

Food technologists have several opportunities to work in government bodies in roles such as agriculture research, food safety and nutrition security. In addition to the core functions mentioned above, some of the other crucial responsibilities of a food technologist are listed below for your reference. They can also do jobs as food technologists, quality control analysts, and packaging managers at major companies. To become a food technologist, candidates can take undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral courses in food technology, such as B.

The function of a food technologist in India is to perform quality control of food and maintain the quality of food and its processing and manufacturing procedures. The food technology industry has existed since the 19th century, but there has only been exponential progress in recent decades. However, the highest positions, such as food critics, food inspector, food marketing, etc., receive the highest salary, of INR 8.70 per gallon. As a food technologist, one of the most important jobs is to verify that food products are safe and meet specific standards.

They are appointed by the government through different competitions, such as that of the Food Corporation of India. Food technology is booming in the following countries due to the total dependence of the local population on packaged foods. Different courses for food technologists are available for undergraduate, graduate and graduate courses. Whereas the salary of a food technologist with significant years of experience, between 3 and 5 years, ranges from 5.80 to 7.20 INR per LPA.

Food technologists are offered a decent salary of 2.50 INR early in their career, but as they grow with experience, they can earn up to 10,20 INR LPA. Food Technology graduates are offered a variety of different roles, such as plant manager, research and development executive, assistant manager, etc.

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