What is another name for small restaurant?

Synonyms for small restaurant · small restaurant · small restaurant · diners · coffee shop · restaurant · small place · small restaurant · good restaurant. A restaurant or bar, especially one that serves British French food, a small cafe in a bus or train station A restaurant or club where there is an informal British cabaret, a cafe, especially one that sells cheap food and non-alcoholic beverages. Mostly British, a room in a factory, school, or hospital where cheap meals are served. The usual American word is coffee shop.

A cafeteria where there are several cats that customers can pet and play A small cafeteria where you can have hot drinks and pastries A coffee shop, especially one that existed in the past A coffee shop where people drink coffee. This word is especially used for coffee shops that existed in the past. A café with computers so that customers can use the Internet A restaurant, hotel, bar or club A café where people can pay to use the Internet, send emails, etc. Informal restaurant, bar or club, especially a cheap and unpleasant one An outdated restaurant or bar on a main road in the countryside.

A restaurant is a cheap restaurant. They often serve basic American food, but the cuisine varies by region, and in some areas, the term is used more broadly to include restaurants that emphasize Greek and other European foods. Chow house, food line, dining room, food bar, spaghetti bar.

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