How does it feel to work in a fast food industry?

Providing customer service, ordering well, dealing with different personalities, standing in long lines and working at a fast pace is an immense pressure. That could cause some unpleasant moments during the shift, and it's one of the main reasons people leave their jobs. For the most part, you will be required to do a very demanding job. There's a lot more to this job than just making hamburgers.

When I started working, I had no idea what my co-workers would be like, so the first few shifts were absolutely terrifying. The best part about working in the fast food industry is that it attracts people from everywhere. It doesn't matter what school, neighborhood, or age you are in, because everyone is stuck in this job and will soon meet the people around them. There's nothing like laughing with your friends on duty about what happened on your shift.

So why the extreme exodus? First, in order to create jobs that don't generate turnover, the functions of fast food are standardized into simple routines that are deprived of any real skill. The model is based on a constant supply of replaceable workers, which reinforces the belief that there is no professional future for those on the front lines of the quick-service restaurant. And when an employee feels that their job is temporary, where and what is the motivation to work? It's amazing how many people think that just because they're in a fast food restaurant they can be idiots to you. However, as you said, working in fast food has a lot of benefits and it seems to have helped you a lot.

I have to stay away from them for a year because when I eat them one day it will remind me that healthy food doesn't taste as good as that greasy, salty treat. Although there is a legal age limit for young people to start working, in some countries people can start working part-time in fast-food establishments that don't sell alcohol after the age of 16. Depending on which fast food chain you work for, you can expect to be busy most of the day. Shiningirisheyes, thank you, and yes, you're right, most jobs are like that, but a lot of people make fun of people who work in fast food restaurants when it's not much different from any other job. Many people tend to despise fast food employees, since these jobs are quite repetitive, mostly low-paid and monotonous.

You learn leadership skills, how to work alone or in a team, how to work efficiently and quickly at the same time, etc. Many former fast food employees have mentioned that they have made friends for life thanks to their time in the fast food industry. The fast food industry is one of the most fun and exciting industries to work in when starting your career in the world of work. However, training is how employers invest in their employees, and when that investment happens just once, employees feel underrecognized and undervalued.

They tell you something like 20%, but in reality most managers don't care and will give you most, if not all, of your food for free. But it had its benefits; it paid me, I got a ton of free food and met some of my best friends. The most appropriate time to become a fast food employee is when you're still young, want to start your career, or while you're retired and want to supplement your income. It can also make you feel like you're not moving up or advancing your career, which can affect your mental health.

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